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Wedding Videography


We capture the romance and emotion of your special day and  preserve those breathtaking moments for years to come.


We pride ourselves in selecting the most appropriate and complimentary music for your wedding film – it is an art in itself.

Camera Gear

In order to tell the most compelling story of your wedding day, we use the best and most specialized equipment at our disposal.

The days of boring and un-emotional wedding videography are long gone. Capturing your wedding day in a cinematic and beautiful way is not only possible,but it will also contribute towards creating the most important souvenir you will have of this very special occasion.White Motion Films has been a trusted partner in creating artistic wedding films since early 2010.  We use specialized videography equipment – most of which we import from overseas.We use a range of  DSLR cameras due to their film like qualities. Our aim is to make your wedding film unique and we go to great lengths to use technology and creativity to ensure that your film is not just another look alike. Film has become the medium of choice due to its versatility and ability to preserve the moments, emotion and feel of your most important day forever.  While photographs is very important, the wedding album often gathers dust a few years along the line while it sits on the cupboard shelf  –  far from the little hands of the newest family members who have been known to reap devastation…

Your wedding film brings your wedding day back to life each time you watch it or show it to friends and family and enables you to relive the moments like  nothing else does!  We would recommend any couple to budget for both of these services in order to get the most comprehensive documentation of the day that happens once in a lifetime. We aim to create a breathtaking, goose bump provoking film for each of our clients. Feel free to look at our work and if you see something you like, please get in touch with us.

So what do we include in our wedding videography packages?

We cover your entire day. (From 11am-10pm.) We can even stay later or come earlier on arrangement.

 We capture the bride and bridesmaids getting ready.

 We take time to capture the groom and his best men.

 The ceremony is one of the most important moments of your wedding day. We capture it with great attention to detail and we use some of the best sound recording equipment to make sure that you don’t just see everything but also hear everything.

 The couple shoot is where we find the most amazing memories of your day. We work with your photographer to capture the spontaneous moments and if necessary we will create moments with you that will translate into something beautiful.

 We are also there when you enjoy the final moments of your day – the emotional and funny speeches, the first dance, the party, laughter and beauty of friendship and family!

Some of our latest work